Unlimited Outdoor Kitchen: About Us

We are a local company based right in San Jose and we're proud to serve our community with quality products and superior customer service. With 15 years of experience in the business and thousands of designs to choose from, we don't restrict our client to any certain type of finishes or brand of appliances - the sky's the limit!

We take pride in the quality our workmanship, and we make it a point to only work with manufacturers who have a track record of building quality products, providing outstanding warranty support, and offering maximum value for the price.

Areas of Service

We are proud to offer our custom outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and living room design and installation services in the following areas:


When you're ready to build your new outdoor lifestyle, give us a call at (888) 747-4554 or request your free estimate! Is it still too early in the process for you to commit? Contact us online to ask anything you'd like, or click the banner below to see what past clients have to say about working with Unlimited Outdoor Kitchen.  

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