Case Study: The Brown Family's Outdoor Kitchen & Fireplace

The Challenge

The Brown Family had just purchased their new home with a spacious backyard and lovely patio. They quickly decided to have a custom outdoor kitchen and outdoor fireplace built to maximize their enjoyment and use of their new yard.

Mr. Brown — the family’s head chef — needed for their outdoor kitchen to include a grill, sink, and plenty of storage space, while Mrs. Brown — the family’s barista — needed a fridge and ice maker. Both wanted a company that could offer complete customization to meet their exact preferences, and that could do so at an affordable rate.

The Solution

After consulting with local builders they had used in the past and shopping around at home shows and pool & patio stores for 6 months, the Browns chose to work with us at Unlimited Outdoor Kitchen.

They made this choice after Michael — Owner and Designer at Unlimited Outdoor Kitchen — was able to show them a template of their custom design, lay out a full-size sample of the kitchen right where it would go once it was built, and give them an accurate price quote all in one meeting.

Both their custom outdoor fireplace and kitchen were built exactly as promised, on time, and on budget. Their outdoor kitchen included Summerset appliances and granite counter tops, as well as the sink, storage space, fridge, and ice maker they were dreaming of.


“We loved working with Unlimited Outdoor Kitchen because of their speed and efficiency. There were no unreasonable or unattainable time tables, and everything was completed on time and on budget. Luis — Foreman and Head Installer at Unlimited Outdoor Kitchen — and the rest of the construction crew were very meticulous. We’d give everyone on the team an 'A!'

We haven’t had a single problem with our kitchen since it’s been built, and would absolutely recommend Unlimited Outdoor Kitchen to anyone who is interested in having a custom outdoor project built.” - Mr. Brown

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